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Brilliant writing, as always!!! Roseanna Roseannadanna and Little RIchard indeed!

Am glad you a) didn't get pneumonia, and b) didn't panic and try to get to the optometrist on your own.


That is a terrific story!


Love your storytelling!


I can so, so relate to the virtually blind thing. This really cracked me up. "under my breasts"--heeheehee!

Vincent Davis

Oh, why didn't you share a pic of your "sexy librarian" frames here? Wew, searching for a lost contact is a painful thing to do… That's why people must be more cautious in holding, keeping, or cleaning one.

Sam Times

Dealing with all that trouble while looking for your contacts sure is hard and painful. I agree with Vincent. That "sexy librarian" frames glasses is really making me curious.

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