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I hope the break is helpful. I'll be eagerly awaiting your return (and I don't mean for that to put on the pressure).


I've never been here before, and you've already up and left!

But I came because of a comment you made at Doctor Mama - about pilling the cat by skittering it across the floor. I thought that was BRILLIANT. We don't have cats anymore (or yet again), but pilling the cat was always a chore, and I can totally see a cat chasing the pill.


Have fun away! We'll be here if/when you come back!

p.s. any chance of being in Cali this summer?




Heh, I've kind of gone through a similar epiphany. I've been cooking more and more lately, and trying to be better to my body.

Hope everything gets better!


I would love to see your blog listed at HerBlogDirectory.com

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