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Here via Snickollet. What a wonderful tribute.


Oh dear. I lost my father through asbestos-induced lung cancer... and I'm awed by your tribute to your mother.

Thank you for giving us a sketch of her personality and keeping her memory alive. And giving us the opportunity to donate.


Your mother sounds like a lovely and wonderful woman. And your love for her is evident in your blog and your love for your daughter. *hug*


I just happened upon your blog, I also lost my wonderful mother to lung cancer four years ago. She was also a non smoker, a health nut, did yoga and believed totally in wellness. She died six months after diagnosis. This disease is killing wives, mothers and grandmothers every day. I hope you are successful in raising funds and awareness of this underfunded #1 killer of women. Its a wonderful thing you are doing. Best of luck!

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