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On the subject of your running program, have you checked out DoctorMama's posts on how to get started running? If not, she's worth reading:


Under her categories, visit "Running." No fancy program, just solid advice. Good luck!


My hat's off to you for starting to run! And I hope your baby girl is feeling much better very soon. Those pediatric waiting rooms completely skeeve me out with their booger-encrusted building blocks and broken toys. Bleah.

On the drug thing: Prozac can be used to treat depression and OCD in kids -- and there are some who do need it. (Have you seen those shows about kids with OCD on TV? Growing up is hard enough without adding a disorder to the experience!) And I recently started one all-the-time psychogenic med and one sometimes psychogenic med. Keeping my fingers crossed... ;^)


Man, Deb, you are my hero for taking up running. Matt started about this time last year, and he really likes it. Glad the turbo bra helps; I have to wear one like that for riding or else trotting is reeeaaalllly uncomfortable.

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