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Kathy (you know who)

I am with you sister curly hair (think we ought to have America rename their song?) The extraordinarily loud ethnic music disturbs the peace. Where's the mutual respect for others gone these days? Think next time I'll pipe some good ole Polka out the door back at them. That'll scare em silent...ya think?


I am with you too. It isn't extraordinarily loud ethnic music...it is just extraordinarily loud music. I don't know why I ever have to listen to anyone else's music - why are they allowed to force it on me? I can't figure out what the hell people are thinking. Maybe they were raised by wolves.


What's wrong with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse? The Mouse rules!

And if you think Spanish music is bad, I have to live in that condo conversion with walls thinner than 1-ply toilet paper and my neighbors across the hall play Russian techno music. From the 80's. It's one note, blasted over and over again, and some guy singing something I don't understand, over and over again. Essentially, it's the Russian version of "Ace of Base".


I was going to suggest having the police talk to them on your behalf, but then I read that you'd already done that. So the music continues depite the police action? That would really bother me more than the original offense. I have some neighbors who repeatedly parked in the fire lane and inhibited my access to my garage. They continued to do this despite my nice (really!) notes, notes from other neighbors, and calls to their landlord. It wasn't until I got the fire marshal and the police involved that the parking situation improved, and even then the neighbors continued to park in the fire lane for short periods (i.e., not long enough to be spotted and ticketed). Some people are just plain inconsiderate and won't change until they themselves are inconvenienced.


I vote for blasting "Apples and Bananas" right back at them. On repeat.

Kathy (you know who)

Did I mention that country music is also ethnic music to me? Ha!

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