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LOL! I love it! It's even funnier in print. Oh, and right now, they're not giving me a lot of work, so I'm only working 70+ hour weeks, 6 days a week :) You should see my nails, they look awful again! Never mind the fact I actually had to shave my "unibrow" this morning....


AH, life is so glamorous, isn't it?


Dang. I was *this close* to being able to say I know a real, live unicorn. *snaps fingers* ;^)

(Thanks for saying you'd give us a ride sometime. I hope to never have to take you up on it, but I'm touched by your offer!)


From Brother #1: Ha ha, Deb. I count one, two...yes, two eyebrows over here. But I don't dare look at some pictures from 10 or 15 years ago. ;)

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