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This must be very tough, and it sounds like you're being very brave.


I have to say that sometimes it just really sucks being a grownup. Bless you for having such compassion for your dad, despite the difficult past you share.


I had a rough relationship with my dad in many ways. But I got lucky enough to have us both live long enough for forgiveness to happen. One fathers day I wrote an opinion piece for the newspaper about how much I appreciated him, despite his rather removed style of parenting. After that it got a lot better.

Hugs to you as you go through a difficult time.

Teri M.

Aw, honey. Big cyber hug!

Terri B.

"The really dirty job is the one where you have to be a grownup. From experience, I can now say that that doesn't fully happen until you can't be the child anymore." I love the way you put this. And you are right -- it sucks. You're not alone. Hugs from someone you don't even know.


I'm a little late reading your blog, which I seem to do about once a month... I get all caught up at one time.

Anyway, I told Peter when we got married that I had 2 really neat things going for me: 1 - I had a pickup truck. 2 - Both my parents were deceased, so we wouldn't have to worry about taking care of them.

However, this past weekend we had to finally put his dad in a nursing home. The Parkinson's and dementia had gotten too bad for his mom to handle on her own.

I really feel for you! It is indeed a hard thing when the parent becomes the child, and the child the parent.

Love ya cutie! You are doing fantastic. Say hey to Steph and Dave

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