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tonya cinnamon

my fav thing
is when i have my camera out and i get that perfect shot or when i see this most fantastic sunsrise in the morning going to college or at night the gorgeous sunset and colors when going to work....or the one cup of coffee that whe you sit down and take your first sip the world seems to be your best friend..or someone tells you that you look good today. or when one of my boys comes up with these cute one liners ,, my little funny comidiens LOL
its the small things that make me smile


YOU'RE one of my favorite things!! =) and sephy too! I'm so glad dave is ok, please give him a hug for me. So it turns out i never lost my phone, just my mind. so I'll be calling you to see if I can bother you next week for a few hours.

Teri M.

OMGoodness!! I'm so glad he's ok.

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