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Wow, I'm the first - EVER! You'd think that would coun't for a free calendar or something...
I think you already know what I collect (since we are related, after all) but in case you've forgotten, there's actually two things. I collect giraffe figurines, since well, they're tall, and I'm tall, they have horns, and...I don't. My other more expansive (and expensive) collection is of all things Disney, especially the WDCC figurines honoring their great film moments and characters. One day, I hope to collect money.....*sigh*

Nice blog!


Patient -- "Doctor, you've got to help me... some mornings I wake up and think I'm Donald Duck, other mornings I think I'm Mickey Mouse."

Doctor -- "Hmmmmmmm, and how long have you been having these Disney spells?"

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